Customers are our Focus at Memphis Photo Booth Rentals!





We are a customer focused business!

It is our job to give the customer a “quality” experience and product along with a little “lagniappe”. Lagniappe is a term I picked up while living in Baton Rouge, LA. It means “something extra”. Every one needs a little “lagniappe” and we try to give it too them.

We are at the top of the Memphis Photo Booth Market.

What sets us aside from all the other photo booths?

How about this:

1. We make a full sized print for each person in the photo – 15 people in the picture, we make 15 prints on the spot.
The competition: You get 1 print or strip even if there are 4 people in the box. 3 walk away from the booth with nothing – not something you want to happen at your event!
2. We offer a 10’ wide “Studio” Green Screen Photo Booth.
The competition: A 3’ wide bench against a piece of fabric.
3. We have an on site photographer and computer/printer operator.
The Competition: 1 person to see if the box is running.
4. We have a complete photo booth backup on site. That means we show up with 2 complete photo booth setups (extra cameras, printers, cables, computers etc.)
The competition: Probably no backups of any kind.
5. We are licensed and insured.  Ask the photo booth in a box for a copy of their business license and a “proof of insurance” document. If someone in the box gets hurt who are they going to sue? Without insurance, it will probably be you personally.
The competition: Probably no license nor (more importantly) no insurance.

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Call us if you would like to talk with a real Memphis, TN business that has your fun and protection as their #1 priority.


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