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Customers are our Focus at Memphis Photo Booth Rentals!





We are a customer focused business!

It is our job to give the customer a “quality” experience and product along with a little “lagniappe”. Lagniappe is a term I picked up while living in Baton Rouge, LA. It means “something extra”. Every one needs a little “lagniappe” and we try to give it too them.

We are at the top of the Memphis Photo Booth Market.

What sets us aside from all the other photo booths?

How about this:

1. We make a full sized print for each person in the photo – 15 people in the picture, we make 15 prints on the spot.
The competition: You get 1 print or strip even if there are 4 people in the box. 3 walk away from the booth with nothing – not something you want to happen at your event!
2. We offer a 10’ wide “Studio” Green Screen Photo Booth.
The competition: A 3’ wide bench against a piece of fabric.
3. We have an on site photographer and computer/printer operator.
The Competition: 1 person to see if the box is running.
4. We have a complete photo booth backup on site. That means we show up with 2 complete photo booth setups (extra cameras, printers, cables, computers etc.)
The competition: Probably no backups of any kind.
5. We are licensed and insured.  Ask the photo booth in a box for a copy of their business license and a “proof of insurance” document. If someone in the box gets hurt who are they going to sue? Without insurance, it will probably be you personally.
The competition: Probably no license nor (more importantly) no insurance.

Check out our web site: Memphisphotobooth.com

Call us if you would like to talk with a real Memphis, TN business that has your fun and protection as their #1 priority.



Pictures are King at Memphis Photo Booth Rentals!



Put yourself in the picture! Our fun, creative 3D compositions add that extra punch to our interactive Green Screen backgrounds. The picture above puts you “in” the photo with Sam from the movie Casablanca. We can make you into 007, Harry Potter, Spiderman or tons of other characters and situations.

Contact us today at: Memphis Photo Booth.com

Mobile Party Prints – Print Directly From Your Phone On Site!

Mobile Party Prints

A great new event product!


You and your guest can send images directly from their mobile phone or pad to our on site printers for immediate printing!

Download our free app and start shooting.  Click the “send” button on the image you want to print and it is sent wirelessly to our on site printers for immediate printing. Our computer saves a copy of every file printed and we present you with all those digital files at the end of the evening. We can even make extra prints of each file if you would like.

A border can be added for your event and is printed on every print. This is especially valuable for corporate branding at events.

Contact us for more information on this extremely flexible event product and put it to work for you today!

Memphis Photo Booth.com



New 9’x20′ Green Screen Photo Booth!

Our new 20’ wide green screen opens up a whole new world to photographing large objects such as automobiles with your guest!

We recently photographed guest with an antique Mercedes SL 190 at the new Mercedes dealership in Collierville. The guest walked away not only with a picture of the beautiful 190 but with them next to it!

The Mercedes logo will live for years within these priceless gifts from the dealership.

Do you have a project that would lend itself to a panoramic background? Let us know and let’s see how you can “wow!” your guest or customers.

Canoeing down the Amazon? Kayaking down the Snake river? Repelling down Mt. McKinley?

Anything is possible!











How many photo booth screens can we have at an event?


Currently we can provide up too 4 complete photo booth screens at your event. Each “screen” is a complete Green Screen Photo Booth setup: 2 staff (photographer & computer/printer operator), computer, printer, lighting and 10’ wide green screen. We recently did a Comic Book project at St. Jude with 4 photo booths. There was a comic book character at each screen for the children to have their pictures taken with.

Corporate sponsors of sporting events will have several screens around the stadium providing fans with free game day pictures that have their logo displayed in the photo. Advertising that will live for years.

If you think your event would lend itself to multiple screens, give us a call!

901-737-2221 or email don@memphisphotobooth.com

www.memphisphotobooth.com a division of Don Putnam Photography, LLC

3D Backgrounds are now available at Memphis Photo Booth!


We are now happy to offer 3D digital backgrounds for our customers!

We actually put your guest “into” the photographs. Ladies can lean on Sam’s piano while he is singing at Rick’s or join Bogie and Sam at the piano. How turning into Spiderman or at the Hogwarts Gates?

We can convert many 2D images too 3D to match your theme or event.

3D combined with our Green Screen Photo Booth “studio” will bring a unique experience to your next event!

Check out a few samples on our web site: www.memphisphotobooth.com

Click on “View your Event” and then on the 3D gallery.

Call us if you have any questions or would like to explore 3D for your next event: 901-737-2221

Here are some samples:

01 02-Sam at Piano-Proof 04-Sam, Bogie & Ingred at Piano Proof 05-casalovers-Proof 06-Rick & Friends outside cafe'-Proof 07-Harold Loyd Car on Rack-Proof 08-SpiderMan Glove-Proof 09-Spiderman Head Proof 10-Harry  Potter1-Proof

5 More Photo Booth Things to Consider


1.   How many prints from each setup do I get?

The old “photo booth in a box” and even most computer operated “open air” booths are limited to 1 or 2 prints/strips per setup.

Our computer/printer operator makes one print for each person in the shot! 12 people in the shot= we make 12 prints on the spot.

We make 5-10 times the number of prints a “photo booth in a box” makes. That’s why we cost a little more but you get a lot more.

With Memphis Photo Booth.com ALL of your guest will leave our booth with their own personal print!

2.   Is Memphis Photo Booth a “photo booth in a box” or an “open air” photo booth.

The old fashioned “photo booth in a box” is just that. It is a small, enclosed “box” that will fit 1-4 people, even though some say they can fit 15 in a 4’ wide box.

An “open air” photo booth is more like an on site “studio” that is only limited by the size of the background screen. We are an “open air” photo booth concept. Our Green Screens are 10’ wide and can, indeed, fit 1-15 into a single shot.

3.   Is the booth controlled by a computer or by a live person?

“Photo Booths in a box” and most “open air” booths are controlled by a touch screen computer.

Our photo booths are composed of a live photographer and a live computer/printer operator which gives us the ability to interact with our subjects and customize our approach to each setup.

4.   Which is more expensive: The “Photo Booth in a Box” or Memphis Photo Booth?

Looking at the “package” rate the “photo booth in a box” might look less expensive but when you consider how many 4×6 or 5×7 prints you will get during the course of an evening, our Memphis Photo Booth wins hands down. Let’s say the “photo booth in a box” can do 20 setups in an hour and there are 90 people in those setups.

The photo booth in a box makes 20 prints/strips.

Memphis Photo Booth makes 90 prints!

Divide the number of prints per hour into your hourly fee and see who has the lowest price per print.

We can also move many more people through our booth because we can get a lot more people in a single shot.

5.   Is Memphis Photo Booth.com a real business?

Memphis Photo Booth.com is a division of Don Putnam Photography, LLC. We are a licensed and insured Tennessee business. We can provide a certificate of insurance upon request stating our coverage.

Do the other photo booth companies you are considering have insurance and licenses? What happens if someone is injured in a photo booth accident? Good question to be asking…

901-737-2221 or visit: Memphisphotobooth.com

Event Photography and Memphis Photo Booth

 Our new Roaming Photographer service completes our collection of Event Photo Booth offerings. We can now offer our clients complete photographic services for their next event. Our Roaming Photograpaher quietly circulates among your guest capturing those intimate moments of personal interaction and the important moments that make up your event. The pictures are posted in your picture gallery with a password for your guest to view and order if they wish to have printed copies of the photographs. Clients can now choose from Green Screen Photo Booth, Video Photo Booth or Roaming Photographer services. Combine all three for a complete media package for your company event, celebration or appreciation day adventures! This combination is also great for wedding receptions, anniversaries, reunions and special birthday parties.

 We just did a 70th birthday party in Oxford, Mississippi that used all three services. The Green Screen Photo Booth was jumping and the Video booth did over 30 video clips that we cut into a 17-minute video for the birthday couple. The Roaming Photographer got great shots of the Elvis artist as he moved through the crowd as well as the cake presentation and toasts. The client had great documentation of all the elements that went into this unforgettable event.

 If you are looking for a unique experience to add to your next gathering, call or email us today! We are the only company this side of Atlanta that offers complete Green Screen, Video and Photographer services with on site printing up to 8×12!

 For Memphis area pricing and information, visit our web site at: www.memphisphotobooth.com


Halloween is upon us!

It’s that time of year again and Halloween is getting close. Give us a call if you want to kick it up a notch with a Halloween event your party will never forget! We have lots of new Halloween templates to choose from.

Check out our Halloween video: Spooky vid

Be happy & safe!



Memphis Photo Booths – It’s all about the Printer!

Memphis Photo Booths

Printers: What Photo Booth Companies are Not Telling You:

You have decided to get a photo booth for your event and have started contacting companies. You spend a few minutes on the phone with each photo booth vendor. They find out what you need, and say what they can do for you. Quick question, did the type of printer they use come up in the conversation? That’s like buying a car and not caring about the engine. The Photo Booth’s main goal is to create memories that will last for years, and if they use the wrong printer, then they might not withstand the test of time.

What They Don’t Want You To Know:

There are (2) main printer types used by photo booth rentals in Tennessee. One of them is called an inkjet printer  that cost around $150, and the other is a dye-sublimation printer that cost around $1,200 – $1,500. I am sure that you have heard of the inkjet printer. It is most commonly found in a family computer room. The reason it is widely used by families, is because it is cheep and does the job. However, inkjet printers will create the illusion of an image by placing very small dots of ink on the paper. This does not compare to a dye-sublimation printer which lays down layers of color and finishes with a layer of lamination that protects the print from water and finger print damage.

Which Photo Lasts Longer?

When guests take photos in a photo booth, they will typically put the photos in their pocket until they get home. Dye sublimation printers have an over-coated protected layer to prevent the photo from getting damaged. This enables your photo to last for up to 100 years in normal conditions. The dye sublimation print is waterproof and finger print resistant. The output from an inkjet printer does not even come close to these standards… even with special inks. Some photo booths try to justify their photo quality with a protective plastic sleeve. This is just a short term patch for a long term problem!

Printing Speed:

Time is of the essence, guests get anxious if they wait in line for too long. Dye sublimation printers can produce a photo in less than 6 seconds. Some inkjet printers take up to 6 minutes!. This is why many photo booth companies say you are allowed to take unlimited photos during the rental. They are limiting you on time not materials.

The Verdict:

Any company that you consider should tell whether they use inkjet or dye sublimation printers. They shouldn’t try to justify their services with a protective plastic sleeve. This is just a short term patch for a long term problem. As you can tell from the information above, the dye sublimation printer wins hands down and is almost 10 times more expensive. This is the main reason why every Green Screen & Classic Photo Booth uses dye sublimation printers. We want to make sure that your photos will last many, many years.
For info on reserving a Green Screen or Classic Photo Booth, you can email us at: don@donputnamevents or call 901-737-2221

View our Green Screen Videos:      Green Screen Holiday Event  Green Screen Wedding Reception