“Dream Team” Celebrity Wedding Photography for YOUR Wedding!

Now this is exciting!
As many of you know, I spent 20 years in Nashville photographing and touring with stars like Garth Brooks, Loretta Lynn, Dolly Parton, Jimmy Buffet etc., as well a being the chief still photographer for the CMA Awards, BMI Country Awards, ASCAP Country Awards etc. These are MAJOR celebrity events that demand perfection, no excuses accepted! The skills you develop in dealing with the impossible time lines and personalities of (some) impossible stars are invaluable. I made some great photographer friends over the years that were doing the same kind of work. I hired many of them to work my Awards shows and other events that I became involved with. These guys, and girls, know how to get the job done and walk away with the pictures the magazines would love to have the next day. Art on a strict time line!

I realized that a wedding has these same, stringent time lines, magazine quality image requirements and dealing with personalities that only this type of expertise can accommodate. So why not put a “Dream Team” together composed of these incredible photographers all working together to capture the essence of those exceptional weddings that have not had access to this kind of gifted talent! Million dollar music industry events have access to these experts all the time but their talents have never been put together for the wedding industry. So, I have decided to give the wedding industry a look it has never had with a new group of talented celebrity photographers. Now the star they will be shooting will be YOU! They will be coming from all over the country to focus on you. Wedding industry publishers will be hungry to get their hands on the images created by our Dream Team photographers. They love to deal with seasoned professionals that know what they are doing.

The Dream Team will specialize in large event weddings anywhere in the world. Travel is a common place fact of every day life for us so we are ready and equipped to go anywhere, anytime. The Team is supported by lighting assistants, grips and associate photographers that we have personally trained to assist in large event photography. Our HD Cinematography Dream Team division works and plans with us to perfectly execute the visual capture of the essence of your exceptional event. Our cinematographers are EMMY award winning cinematographers that have produced for some of the worlds leading corporations and events.

If you would like to have the “Dream Team” be a part of your wedding, contact me today to get you on track to an experience you will never forget!

Contact Don Putnam at: donputnam.com or phone us at: 1-800-438-6706