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3D PHOTO BOOTHS at Memphis Photo

Put your guest INTO the picture with our new 3D Photo Booths!

Now you can put your guest INTO the picture instead of just ON the picture. By layering the image we can put your guest between elements of the picture. Here are a few examples of our custom graphic layering:

Call us today about our 3D graphics. If we do not have one on file that fits your theme, we can help you find an image that will.

Please visit our web site for 3D Photo Booth pricing.



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New! Magazine Photo Booths!



Put your guest on the cover of their very own magazine!

Magazine Cover Photo Booths are now available through Memphis Photo

We can print the Magazine Covers in 4×6, 5×7 or 6×8 with unlimited setups and each person on the cover gets a print!

We have several free Magazine Covers to choose from or you can provide us with your own graphics built to our specifications.

8×10 & 8×12 print size Magazine Covers are also available by special arrangement. 8×10 & 8×12 print packages are priced by the number of prints to be made at the event.  Please contact us to discuss your event so that we can furnish you with an  accurate estimate. The Magazine Covers can be branded with your logo or type at no additional charge.

Please visit our web site for Magazine Photo Booth pricing.





Sports Magazine Covers

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Circus – 3D’s !


Memphis photo booth rentals

Our “Open air – Studio” concept in photo booth design has really taken off! Our on site “studio” is a real attention getter. Then the fun starts. Friends with friends, friends with new friends etc… and every one in the photo gets a full sized copy of the picture. 10 people in the shot= we make 10 prints on the spot. One for each person in the photo. Try that with the old “photo booth in a box”.
We cost about 17% more than the “photo booth in a box” but we print 5-10 time more pictures. That shot with the 10 people, the photo booth in a box would have printed 1 tiny strip. 9 of your guest would have been disappointed and not get a print. Not with us! Everyone is made happy. Sure we cost a little more but you get a LOT more.
E-mail or call us today for more information or visit our web site:

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New 9’x20′ Green Screen Photo Booth!

Our new 20’ wide green screen opens up a whole new world to photographing large objects such as automobiles with your guest!

We recently photographed guest with an antique Mercedes SL 190 at the new Mercedes dealership in Collierville. The guest walked away not only with a picture of the beautiful 190 but with them next to it!

The Mercedes logo will live for years within these priceless gifts from the dealership.

Do you have a project that would lend itself to a panoramic background? Let us know and let’s see how you can “wow!” your guest or customers.

Canoeing down the Amazon? Kayaking down the Snake river? Repelling down Mt. McKinley?

Anything is possible!











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