Photo Booth or “Open Air Photo Booth”?

The old Photo Booth in a box is out and the new “Open Air Photo Booth” is in!

The old Photo Booth with the tiny bench for 1-2 people and the hard to see, poor quality prints is on it’s way out and being replaced with the “Open Air Photo Booth”. Open air Photo Booth is actually an on site mini studio with canvas or “green screen” background that will accommodate 1-12 people (or as many people as you can squeeze  onto the canvas). If you have a themed event or reception, we can have fun props and digital backgrounds we can drop behind your guest with the green screen. For example, one bride loved castles so we dropped a picture of Ludwig’s Fairy Castle behind all her guest pictures.

We can make 4×6, 5×7 or even 8×10 dye sublimation, lab quality prints on site for your guest to enjoy during your reception or event and take home as a favor from you. We can also just do the photography and not do the printing.

For more information and pricing, please go to our event web site:


Here are some of our “Green  Screen  Photo Booth” Images: